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Gum Health

Gum Health or Periodontics ,encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease, i.e disease that affects the supporting tissues of the teeth rather than the teeth themselves. Obviously the supporting tissues [gum, bone and periodontal ligament] are as important as the teeth they surround, for without them the teeth would be lost.

At Halstead Dental Care we harness the latest technology and scientific know-how to first of all educate the patient about the aetiology of gum disease, and then to successfully treat it – and hopefully enable the patient to keep their teeth for life. Periodontal disease can cause mobility of teeth and halitosis [bad breath] and we are able to address all of these issues at the practice so that you can have a smile to be proud of, and a healthy mouth to go with it!

Scaling and Polishing

This is the routine removal of stains and accretions from the surfaces of the teeth in order to maintain a healthy dentition and to prevent periodontal (gum) disease.

Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

In cases where gum disease is established we may need to carry out more extensive debridement of deposits from the crowns and roots of the teeth. The objective here is to re-establish a healthy gingival cuff (collar of gum at the neck of the tooth). In addition to this the patient will be provided with intensive oral hygiene instruction in order to maintain the status quo.

Root Surface Debridement

Here, local anaesthesia is used to numb the root surfaces to clean them thoroughly and produce a dramatic reduction in pocket depth (an important indicator of the extent of gum disease).

Prophy-Jet Stain Removal

Everyone’s teeth tend to become stained over time to a greater or lesser extent. This can be as a result of accumulations of tannins from fruit juices, tea, coffee, or more significantly in the case of smokers from tobacco staining.

Prophy-jet polishing is a new technique which involves gentle but deep cleaning with a jet stream of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or other mild abrasives to remove this staining.

The results are fabulous with a whiter, cleaner smile and a fresher feel to the mouth.

HYGIENIST… Direct Access

As from the beginning of 2014, legislation change now allows direct access to see a Hygienist. Prior to that an annual examination and treatment prescription by a dentist was necessary, first.

So if you would like to see a member of our Hygienist team for scaling and /or stain removal you can now book directly just for that treatment.

(The hygienist will highlight any areas of concern that they may notice and may recommend you see a dentist if they feel intervention would be in your interest for good oral health)

Click here to download our Hygiene Care Plan.