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Tooth whitening at Halstead Dental Care


Tooth whitening starts from as little as £300.

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Dark, stained and unsightly teeth can be improved easily with no tooth preparation by tooth whitening procedures.

Tooth whitening is a bleaching process that lightens discolouration in the enamel outer surface and deeper in the underlying dentine. Oxygen is released during the process and is absorbed into the enamel and dentine and bleaches any intrinsic staining or discolouration. The Process does not cause any damage to the tooth structure.

The most convenient and rapid treatment is done in just over an hour using the Zoom Professional Whitening system. Done in the surgery this involves isolating the teeth and applying a concentrated bleaching gel in a series of three consecutive applications with the use of a powerful light to activate the bleaching process. This achieves the most dramatic shade change and has the advantage that the effect is immediate and is therefore ideal for weddings, important job interviews or if tray bleaching seems too much hassle.

The other treatment method involves application of Carbamide peroxide bleaching gel in soft custom made or prefabricated close fitting trays which fit over the teeth. They are comfortable to wear and the treatment usually involves wearing them at night for a two week period.

There is a cost differential between in surgery Zoom whitening and at home tray bleaching. At home tray bleaching offers a good result on a budget, however, for an excellent, immediate result then you should consider Zoom Professional in Surgery whitening.

For further details about Zoom whitening go to www.zoomnow.com


teeth whitening essex

teeth whitening essex




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essex dentist halstead
essex dentist halstead
essex dentist halstead
essex dentist halstead
essex dentist halstead
essex dentist halstead
essex dentist halstead
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